Time for Change


Financial Freedom

I believe that small businesses are the key to financial independence. Our country thrives on small businesses and their contribution to the economy and workforce is unlimited. Northern Virginia has such a rich and diverse opportunity to allow small business owners to thrive but they are being threatened with the rising tax mandates, rent and government inflation. As you can see over the last couple of years big corporations like Amazon are moving in and threatening small businesses and lower and middle class families to thrive in NoVa.


Long Overdue

Coming from a long line of family veterans who proudly served our country and in some of our most difficult wars. I saw first hand how important it is to protect our veterans. I am proud to rally the support needed to make the proper change to give back to our veterans. It is my belief that there should never be a homeless veteran and they should never have to wait for quality healthcare. If you would like to find out more information about this issue or would like to help, as well as others, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Parents right to choose

Our children and their future is under attack. With the government trying to control the way they think, learn, say, and how they interact with even their guardians. After the last year with the COVID mandate lockdowns we all saw how tough this last year was on our children and the mask mandates for them is another paralyzing issue. Add in taking parents rights away when it comes to social issues, and putting it in the hands of teachers. In addition the government is trying to eliminate school choice, another attempt to have complete control of our youth. With topics like CRT and Gender Appropriations being the hot topics instead of reading, writing and arithmetic. Another attack on our children is the attempt to do away with advanced learning studies. Virginia's future leaders are at risk of being behind less progressive states all for the sake of politics.


No Surprise Billing

Quality healthcare is something we all should be on board for. How to achieve it though is a tough topic, and while healthcare is available for lower income families, middle class families are seeing their healthcare cost rise. Surprise billing is not ethical. Having to wait three months for a doctors appointment is not acceptable, top that with the unethical rising cost of much needed medications. In addition when government forces religious organizations to participate in funding procedures that are against their religious beliefs such as Planned Parenthood this is extremely unethical and should be a violation of constitutional rights. My final analysis is when there are competing markets for any type of industry including healthcare it forces providers to become more efficient, professional, attentive, and improved over all and compete for memberships by lowering their cost. I believe healthcare should be private.


Bring safety back

With the rise in violent crime across the nation and especially in our most vulnerable cities we now see how important it is to have strong, confident, and pro-active police departments and how they are essential to the every day law abiding citizens. It is time to address this issue head on, and rally the support for our men and women in blue and provide them with much needed tools to do their jobs safely and confidently. If you would like to find out more information about this issue, as well as others, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


An attack on our 1st Amendment

More and more we are seeing big tech and other organizations trying to make a push to tell us what to say, what to think, and how to act. Private citizens are experiencing severe retaliation for thinking or saying things that people don't like, their lives are being turned upside down or they experience loss of income and their careers. Never before have we seen such an attack on private or public citizens alike by mob like mentality. We need to stop these evil Marxist actions now. We cannot allow this sort of mentality to continue and it is a direct attack on our 1st Amendment being controlled by Big tech. It is time to push back.


Standing up for our most vulnerable

In Virginia, under the current government in Richmond we have seen them try to push the cowardice act of progressing abortion and funding organizations like Planned Parenthood who profit off of the loss of life by having no moral ethics and pushing the right to terminate at any stage our most vulnerable fetus including after birth. In addition the push to retaliate against Christian and pro-life organizations for holding different beliefs and trying to protect the right to life.


For a Better Future

This is our Constitutional strong hold for "We the People" and we are to control our government, not the other way around. The 2nd Amendment was cleverly and carefully put in our constitution to protect us from a tyrannical government. Anti-gun politicians will do anything to chip away at this right including changing laws to make it harder to purchase guns and ammunition as well as red flag laws and even imposing taxes. I will fight to uphold our 2nd Amendment and push back on laws that try to minimize the right to bare arms.