Our Values Are At Risk

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Over the last  year we have endured the pandemic, COVID quarantine-lockdowns, mask regulations, our children have been cutoff from necessary in-person learning. Our small businesses struggling to stay afloat and having the challenge of hiring employees while loss of wages for many families. In addition, we have witnessed an aggressive ideology and indoctrination attempting to be implemented in our school systems and work places that is divisive and un-American instead of focusing on American ingenuity and higher learning standards. We have also witnessed a rise in crime with the movement to demonize our men and women in blue which hurts our lower income neighborhoods the most and every law abiding citizen. Not to mention the gun grabbing and unconstitutional attempt to strip law abiding citizens of their guns, the cancel culture and silencing tactics of monopolistic big social media giants and attacks on free speech and vicious acts of retaliation on different views and free speech, and most important the aggressive attack on "right to life" and dignity of life for our most vulnerable unborn citizens.

I will work with small business, and our law enforcement, and minority communities to enrich Northern Virginia to grow a strong, confident, independent, and diverse place to live, own a business, and raise a family.

As a Christian I will fight to keep the government from retaliation on faith based issues such as pro-life and other religious values, but not just for Christians but for people of all faiths.

And coming from a police family I will work with both our  law enforcement and communities to bridge a gap for better communication and safe neighborhood initiatives.

Finally, I believe Virginia has so much to offer and my vision of Northern Virginia is a kind, caring, diverse, thriving community for all.